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Items needed
1.phillips and flat head screw driver
2.hacksaw to cut pipe
3.extra silicone adapter
4.short civic intake , like one pictured
5.extra hose clamps
6.plenty of time

Yeah ,,, Here is the answer to so many of those , what did you do with the sensor, Q's I always get. Well where nuber 1 is , there it is ,,....

1. I just took the sensor and basically stuffed it in when i was fitting the air filter on , it is so simple all you have to do is loosed the clamp , slide the filter off a bit and slide in the sensor , no check engine lights and no prioblems, you only need to remeber to reset your computer , by takeing off the negatice battery and then stepping on the brake for like 5 seconds or so..

2 This is the mas sensor , just to give you an idea of what part of the intake we are looking at ...

ok know in this pic you will notice that I trimmed the intake silicone adapter , on the side where the 1 is . by trimming this this allows the reducer to get more bite on the throttle body and allowing the intake pipe to get further into the silicone adapter thus making a more snugger fit and allowing the intake to sit properly .. This also improves the air flow to the intake , .....

2. Here is where you will shove the intake pipe in and make it fit , just give it a good manly shove and it will slide right inside of the the reducer and fit snuggly.. The intake should know clear the battery and sit appropriately.......

1. Here you will notice that I installed the 1st silicone reducer without trimming it taking a look at the intake you will notice that the intake kinda sags down , . Well i mad a fix to this problem to make the intake sit up and grap air from behind the headlight where it is supposes to .. You will see this in the next picture ,. anyhow the ducting can be routed to which ever side you prefer and in this pic it happens to be at the top of the filter ,. I think that it worked just as good on bothe sides,..

In this section you will read about How to make a civic intake for your Protege, once again this can work with the many models of protege's from the new to the newer ,. A reversed civic intake can bring some real life to out Protege engines, . I have done this mode myself hence i try to pass on my knowledge of what I did to help others who need it .. here we go ...

The first thing that you will do is to remove the factory intake , this can be done by pulling the bolts necessary to do so , . After this u are ready to insatall the civic intake but before this can be done there are some things that must be done, .

items as marked in pic above.>

1. We start here , this is part of the H box , I basically removed the H box and left this silicone pipping and then took the pipping (black silicone hose next to 1 ) and wraped each end with electrical tape , then I stuffed it in the thicker silicone hose and installed it in the intake pipe. I still have to find a special type of silicone hose that will fit the hole on the intake and yet go onto the the intake .....

2. Here you can see where I fitted the black silicone hose, I just wraped it withthe electrical tape and wedged it in there, it formed a tight seal and is a good temporary bond , but if you can get to the store to find something better , take the time to do it ,.

3. This is what the extra silicone reducer looks like , you will need to purchase one more of these and it will hold the mas onto the pipe nice and snug ,.

4. this is the cold air ducting that I routed to the bottom of my bumper , you can also install this in your protege, by simply removing the resonator that is located in your bumper , ( oh yeah you have to take your bumper off to get to it ) and then cutting some hole in the bottom paneling and routing the ducting out to the front and getting some extra cold air to the intake wich can make a world of difference.. Click here to see the Photo of the Intake