How to install Universal coils or springs on your mazda
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This information is not guaranteed to be complete or accurate. If you attempt this install(Bruce Scott and/or Protosport Racing) are in no way responsible or to be held liable for any information or advice given.

I recently upgraded the fuel pump on my Protege. Being as I will be going turbo I wanted to make sure that the car is capeable of handleiing the future fuel needs. I have basically listed my process as I have went through them while installing this pump.

Please be very careful when you are working around the fuel area. Take all precautions to avoid any types of sparks or any ignition.

  1. I took off the gas cap
  2. then I pulled out the seat bench cover
  3. then I took out the aluminum cover over the actual pump
  4. after that I cleaned the area around the pump, with a shop rag and some wd40
  5. then I took off the screws on the pump holder. You have to make sure you use a good screwdriver and get a good grip on the screw
  6. then before you pull the last screw, you just take a pliers and pull the two hose lines attaching to the pump inlet and outlet
  7. pull the last screw and carefully lift out the pump assembly ... (take your time)
  8. then you take another shop rag and cover the pump entrance on the tank so dirt can't get in.
  9. take the pump ass. and unplug the power wire, then pull off the rubber band bracing the pump
  10. Now you can pull the holding clamps on the black hose down and pull the pump out
  11. Install the new filter on the pump -- no need to use the old filter --- makes no sense --
  12. then install the little silver clip on the filter holder peace and install the pump back in to the brace
  13. Just make sure you reinstall everything and plug in the wire to the pump. You won't need to splice wires or change the plug as it is the same ... -- I guess 1st gen rx7's and 2nd gen protege's use the same plug .. hehe. -- yerrr--
  14. Reinstall the pump in reversal of removal (which is explained above)
  15. Install the screws but don't go crazy tightening them -- also make sure the washer is lined up properly
  16. reconect fuel hose and clean up any fuel spillage
  17. replace clamps and replace aluminum cover and screw and seat
  18. Go and put the key in the ignition and turn till dash lights up but not starting the car 2 times...
  19. then start the car and let idles ... your done,, enjoy.

impressions of pump..
I didn't drive the car, but the idle once the car was started was much much smoother. I was very impressed... It was basically the same result as my friends civic that we installed the fuel pump in