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In the quest to get my Protege handling the way that I want it,
I have gone threw quite a few suspension set ups. We will
start with the most current set up that I have to make things simple then as you get
further down the page you can see the photo's of the car during it's different stages.

My first set up consisted of KYB GR2 shocks with a set of Intrax springs.
This set up was pretty good, It handled bumps and rouch roads without many problems.
The car was able to handle corners very good also. Below are some photo's of this set up.

A little while later I decided I wanted the car to be lower. So I got my hands on a set of Weapon R coil overs.
I installed them and got them and set the height of the car. Some modification had to be done to the struts
inorder to get them to fit. But initial impression of them was stiff... I mean those sucers made the car ride ruff.
Granted the car could corner its ass off, the ride just went to shit.
Here are some photo's of that set up.

Those photo's are with the Weapon R circut Pro universal coilovers installed. The car rode like pure crap, but people loved the car..
judge it how you want....


So I changed the WpR coilover springs and being as they also took my kyb gr2's out the door with them. I ordered
up a set of mazdaspeed struts and installed them. I also purchased a set of B+G springs from a fellow protege member.
I installed everything up and the car felt great, The ride was firm but it wasn't trashy and stiff as hell. The car handled great and was a definet improvement.
The photo's to date are most of the current springs and the car at it's current height.

more pics to come, still editing the page.