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When I purchased the 323, the previous owner informed me that car needed axles. I didn't know how bad the condition of the axles were, but the car's axle would click really loud when turning left and right.
I changed the axles and WOW - those axles were trashed.. check out the photo's. 1/18/04.

Two mods that I intend to perform as soon as it warms up are, 1. install LX Power Mirrors and 2. Install mx-3 power windows.
mx3 pw motors that will be installed.Assuming they will fit.
First the mirrors were wetsanded down with 320 grit sand paper and water.

Then I masked off the mirrors with electrical tape. In the RC car world we use this on the plexi car bodies to make desighns. You can use masking tape. It's about 50x easier to take off lol ...

After the wet-sanding and the masking off of the mirror and glass. I started to prime the mirror with some primer. Next I will either order the body color paint in a can or give the mirrors to a body shop.

I have been driving with the drivers side mirror on the car for the last few days. The weather has been pretty crappy, so I am driving the 323 for the next 2 months or so. I have parked the protege and will just be starting it up every now and again.




extra photo's