I changed the axles on the 323 . This is the first process in the build up of my silver 323. A quick and easy swap but the old axles where horible. click to see more  

The site is being worked on , on a page by page basis. This basically means that I am working on the site page by page. When I complete a page, I upload it and you have see it. This will allow users to be able to view the content of the site instead of just seeing a dead block front page.

So bare with me as the whole site is under construction.

After some problems with my Autometer Boost gauge. I decided to order a Delfi Boost gauge. My autometer gauge came to my door set on 5 (boost side) instead of 0 .. So i have to send it back to autometer for another one...
I ordered this boost gauge from AXRonline.com
You can click on the image for a bigger photo.

Look up above at the silicone hose that comes with the Delfi gauge. Definetly better than the crap that autometer gives you with there cages and then have the nerve to ship it to you and demand 50 bucks.
A big thanks goes out to www.axronline.com for getting this boost gauge out to me .

Here is a pic of some supplies that I purchased today at Home Depot. I purchased a welder a week or so ago and will be doing my own muffler set ups and turbo plumbing... To heck with paying someone else ..
I needed something to cut the pipes and hey, what's better than manual labour right... ok good so I got a hacksaw with 4 refillable blades. I also got some fiberglass reinforced cutting disks for my dremel.

Just like I said above.
I purchased a Welder. It has the ability to Tig Weld and I have been following a few
welding forums and I have been learning a few new tricks. I have
not welded anything as yet. This is mainly due to the weather.

I have been trying to find a pipe supplier in the nyc area, If I can do this then I will be able to purchase
2" diameter U-bend or straight pipe at a decent price. I have found out that home depot sells 2"
diameter pipe but it is a bit to thick.. I have not given up though and am going to continue my search...