Welcome to my engine swap page. Here I will try to post most of the photo's of the swap and also links to the information
that I have been keeping track off. There are some things that I have missed along the way during the swap that I try to
correct and stay on top off. Before you do any work to your car please take head to the Disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Protosport Racing nor me (Bruce Scott) is responsible for anything that may go wrong with your car,
Any information that you follow on this site or page or that you email me for will be used at your own risk.I am
not liable for your mess-ups or miss information.

These are the photo's of the motor swap. You can see the different stages that I basically went through to pull the motor. Pulling the motor is not that hard. It is basically a matter of makind sure all the wires are disconnected and that the car is safely proped on jackstands if you choose to pull the motor out the bottom.

These are a few shots of the motor once it was installed and ready for the wires to be connected. The red spark plug wires were replaced with NGK's.

ATTENTION: If you are looking for info on modifying the 1.5 harness or just basic info on the swap.
Please check out this FAQ for motor swap page . This will be in addition to information that will be
provided on this website.

Here are two more photo's of the Protege.
These are actually from last year at Kent. The night before I was basically rushing to get the car completed. The VICS wasn't even wired up.