I am happy to introduce to you my 2nd car , the 323 (aka 32DA3).
This Mazda 323 is the 2nd 323 that I have owned. I had a red 323 as seen in the photo's to the left which was sold to a good friend.

This silver 323 is a 5 speed with a/c and no p/s. It runs excellent and is in excellent condition as you can see by the photo's on the right.
I sold the red 323 to a friend of mine who's civic was in an accident. I added 50 dollars to the 550 and purchased this silver 323.
As you can see in the photo's to the right the car is in great condition.
The engine bay is spotless and the car runs great. I recently changed the axles on the car
. click to see pics
Although the car is a basic daily driver, while working on the turbo project for the Protege, I just can't help but give the car some spunk. Here are some of the plans that I have for this 323.

  • 1.8 bp swap
  • tokico zx2 shocks
  • ground controls (4 an integra)
  • short shifter(debating)
  • mx-3 power windows
  • protege LX power mirrors
  • gtx bumper (F & R)
  • mirage projectory lights
  • energy suspension parts
  • factory upper wing
  • mx-3 seats
  • audio upgrades

update 6/4/04.

It has been a really long time since I have worked on the site. You have got to check out some of the newest mods to the 323. I managed to spice up the suspension with Sprint Springs and some stock escort shocks. I plan to upgrade to some tokico zx2's in the future, but for now this will do. I also managed to score some wheels for the 323. They are 15 inches and are Integra Special Editions. I took the liberty of also adding a BP 1.8 Liter Dohc engine, although I am still using the stock clutch. That will soon change.

Here are some photo's of the car at present.

The turbo below is an IHI VJ20. I purchased this item on Ebay. It arrived 6/3/04 and is awaiting install soon.

I also managed to get my hands on some E-Spec head lights and corner lights for the 323. You can see the noticeable difference between the glass E-spec lights and the annoying cloudy USDM part.


I also added a shift light, so I would know when I reach 7k rpm. I chose to place it down by my right foot because I did not want it obvious that I am redlining to people behind me. I recently ordered a Sticky Pod so I will be doing videos in the near future.